Product Description: A latex pigmented with titanium dioxide and other chemical resistant pigments.
Intended Uses: A flat finish for exterior or interior concrete, masonry, cement/fibber board, stucco, and brick. Provides an acid and alkali resistant file that allows the substrate to ‘breath’. May also be used as a concrete and masonry sealer prior to the application of oil based finishes.
Gloss Level: Eggshell (60°: 3 to 8)
Composition: Binder: 100% Acrylic
Spreading Rate (Gal): 23-31 m²/3.7L (250-340 ft²/3.7L)
Drying Time: Touch 30Mins, Handle 2Hrs, Recoat: 4 Hrs
Tools: Brush: Nylon or Polyester
Roller:10-13 mm
Spray: Tip .013-.019 in.
Application / Dilution: Ready to use / Water if needed for spraying
Clean-up: Water
VOC Level: <100g/L
Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease, mildew, surface hardeners, curing agentsand wax. Remove any loose and peeling paint and repair with patching compound. Ensure all joints and seams are filled with a paintable caulking to prevent moisture ingress.
Size & Bases: Gallon - Bases Available (White Only)
Pail - Bases Available (White Only)
Extra Features: *No primer required on Concrete and Masonry