Product Description: Light fast pigments dispersed in a premium 100% acrylic latex. Formulated using coloured bases to improve the hiding & fade resistance of the darker coloured stains.
Intended Uses: A quick drying, densely pigmented, mildew resistant latex stain for exterior smooth or rough siding, cement fibre board, shakes and shingles. Ideally suited for new or previously stained wood which can be used for low temperature application.
Gloss Level: Flat (60°: 2 to 5)
Composition: Binder: 100% Acrylic
Spreading Rate (Gal): 24-33 m²/3.7L (260-350 ft²/3.7L)
Drying Time: Touch 1Hrs, Handle 2Hrs, Recoat: 4 Hrs
Tools: Brush: Nylon or Polyester
Roller:10-13 mm
Spray: Tip .011-.017 in.
Application / Dilution: Ready to use / Up to 10% water if spraying
Clean-up: Water
VOC Level: <150g/L
Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease, mildew and wax. Remove any loose and peeling paint. Ensure all joints and seams are filled with a paintable caulking to prevent moisture ingress. Surface repairs should be spot primed.
Size & Bases: Gallon - Available In (White,Deep,Clear)
Pail - Bases Available (White,Deep,Clear,Yellow,Red)
Extra Features: *Do not use on roofs or decks. *Not recommended over glossy surfaces or previously painted surfaces. *Brushing is preferred