MSDS Sheet (ENG)
MSDS Sheet (FR)
Product Description: HP Ceramic® is a super premium interior acrylic latex formulated with ceramic microspheres to deliver the ultimate in paint performance. HP Ceramic has been designed to provide ease of application, produce a smooth polished finish and to ensure effortless removal of dirt & stains without compromise of the finish coat.
Intended Uses: Premium quick dry, non-spatter, flat latex enamel finish for interior use. This product has good stain resistance and moderate soil resistance compared to other flat latexes. Provides a high hide and durable finish having excellent flow. For use in living and dining rooms where a higher than average quality finish is required.
Gloss Level: Flat (60°: 0 to 6 & 85°: 0 to 11 )
Composition: Binder: Polyvinyl Acrylic
Spreading Rate (Gal): 30-39 m²/3.7L (320-420 ft²/3.7L)
Drying Time: Touch 1Hrs, Handle 2Hrs, Recoat: 4 Hrs
Tools: Brush: Nylon or Polyester
Roller:10-13 mm
Spray: Tip .013-.017 in.
Application / Dilution: Ready to use / Up to 5-10% water if spraying
Clean-up: Water
VOC Level: Certification:Yes<100g/L
Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be clean, dry & free from dust, grease, mildew & wax. Remove any loose & peeling paint and repair with patching compound. New Wood or Drywall: Seal bare surface with appropriate Latex, Hybrid or Alkyd primer for better uniformity.Previously Painted Areas: Glossy surfaces should be sanded to a dull finish or prime with an appropriate primer to provide good adhesion.
Size & Bases: Gallon - All bases (White,Deep,Accent,Clear)
Pail - Bases Available (White Only)
Extra Features: *Containing ceramic pigments for added durability and washability