We live in a world rich with colour and limitless possibility. We get to renew our fascination with colour whenever and however we want. We collect it in journals and in drawers. We curate it from our travels and capsules in time. Our love for it is one thing we're never afraid to share with the world.
Color Journeys™ is a celebration of this passion and a destination for enthusiasts everywhere. For all who seek it, catalog it, and experiment with it, Color Journeys is your inspiration lab and virtual studio, filled with tools to help your next spark become something spectacular.


Color Journeys Announces
2018 Colour Palette of the Year

Supported by General Paint with dealers across Canada
What is the Serenity Palette?
The palette was designed with Scandinavian sensibility and sustainability in mind. Our homes are our sanctuary, our place of serenity. Tap into your inner peace in your living or work space with the simplicity of colour. Glamour is a delicate, minimalistic tone with lavender notes. Malachite is a slate stone colour with nature balanced textures. White Design is a fresh white that is perfect for trim. The Color Journeys Palette also includes trending wood stains that help to create a grounding effect in your space. Pickled Oak reveals cool tones & textures and a sense of minimalism and Dark Walnut adds a sense of luxury and warmth into your home. “The palette takes cues from our natural surroundings. Rich, royal Malachite can fade into the soft lilac-grey of Glamour or morph into Quartzite. Indulge yourself in nature and let the 2018 palette of the year set the tone of your home or work space- this palette is that flexible.” – Jennie Roarty, Associate Brand Manager General Paints.
The New Colour System
Color Journeys allows you to search for unexpected colour combinations that will inspire your design palette. We have curated an expansive colour system of the most refined hues to complete every planned project and each imaginative endeavour. We have cataloged our palettes into five collections—Color Chronicles™, Color Directions™, Color Solutions™, Contractor Solutions ™, and Six to Mix™—created to honour a different purpose, time period, or style. Color Journeys is the true north for how-to visionaries—the road map for each of your independent design expeditions. It steers you to the right colour for any project and any design endeavour.

This new colour system is the route for trend-setting explorers—the springboard for all your creative ideas. It invigorates your spirited search for the most current, finely tuned palettes. Color Journeys is the destination for further inspiration, it is a carefully selected collection of new concepts for your distinct style. For more information visit: www.colorjourneys.ca
See it for Yourself
Confidently enter into the new dimension of design’s new colours, finishes, textures and materials for design exploration. To explore the new Serenity Palette, or any of the 2018 Color Journeys trend colours on your walls, try the new online colour visualizer before visiting a paint store or lifting a brush. The visualizer offers advanced technology to apply any colour to an uploaded photo of your room. For more information on our brands, visit www.generalpaint.com

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