Easy ways to upcycle your furniture with new trending colours to save you money

Do you have a piece of furniture that is outdated or no longer accents your room? Don’t think about throwing it away, all it takes is a simple coat of paint to dramatically transform the furniture in your home. You’ll be amazed by the dramatic results you get for a minimal cost. Plus, upcycling reduces waste, which is always a bonus. Make refinishing furniture a fun weekend project and give your outdated pieces a second chance at life with these simple steps:
1. Lightly sand to remove any chips and ensure you’re left with a smooth surface. Brush off any remaining dust.
2. Spot prime affected areas or bare surfaces before applying a uniform primed coat.
3. Apply one coat of primer and let it dry completely. We recommend using General Paint Baseline Sealer. Sand gently and brush off all leftover dust.
4. Apply one coat of paint and let it dry completely. Sand any rough spots before applying the second and final coat.
5. When selecting the top coat paint, note that glossier finishes are more durable.
If you are looking for this years on-trend colours, you can explore the rejuvenating feel of Scandinavian design in your home. You can try General Paint’s soft, delicate tones of Glamour (405 A), balanced by the darker stone Malachite (405 E).

If you’re unsure about what colour to use or only need to paint a small item, a great tip is to paint the furniture in the same colour as your walls, this helps if you have a small space, which can make your room bigger and less closed in by your furniture.

If you are looking for more of a statement with your furniture, try a bright piece which can create a bold impact, you can use the bold colours over several refinished items that work as a set can create a more uniform look.

So this weekend, get creative and transform an old piece into something you’ll enjoy for years to come.