General Paint: color wheel

The colour wheel: a world of options

General Paint: color wheel


The colour wheel shows how colours are interrelated. It is based on three primary colours: red, blue and yellow. That can have a tremendous revitalizing impact on a sober space. 

The primary colours, three, and six tertiary colours comprise the 12 main divisions of the colour wheel, and can be combined to produce infinite hues.

The colour wheel can help you select innovative, contrasting colour schemes.

Secondary and tertiary colours of the colour wheel

The secondary colours violet, green and orange are formed by the combination of the three primary colours of blue, red and yellow.


blue + red = violet

blue + yellow = green

red + yellow = orange

General Paint: secondary colours

The tertiary colours are formed by combing one primary colour with one secondary colour:

blue + violet

blue + green


red + violet

red + orange


yellow + orange

yellow + green

General Paint: tertiary colours


The 12 colours of the colour wheel are classified as warm and cool, based on human visual perception.  The range of hues from red to yellow are warm colours, while the range of hues from blue to green and blue to violet are cool colours.

Warm and cool colours [+]

Combining colours [+]