Standard Colours
White (46-010) and Cloud Grey (46-097)
Colour Range
Light and medium ColorLife colours
Product Details:
Technical Description:
A durable and flexible acrylic latex pigmented with light-fast pigments.

Available Presentations:
1L, 3.7L, 18L
Theoretical Coverage:
50 sq. ft. (4.6 sq.m.): 2 Litres
100 sq.ft. (9.3 sq.m.): 3 Litres
150 sq. ft. (14.0 sq.m.): 4 Litres
200 sq. ft. (18.6 sq.m.): 6 Litres
FOR EMBEDDING TAPE: Allow 1 litre of topcoat per 22 lineal feet (6 lineal metres) of tape.
Drying Times:
- To touch: 15-.60 minutes.
- To handle: 1-2 hours.
- To overcoat: 4 hours.
- To fully cure: 28 days.
Spantex - Top Coat
deck coating latex
- Top coat.
- For deck, balcony, patio & porch.
- For interior and exterior surfaces.
- Heavy bodied.
- Extremely durable.
- Flexible finish.
- Made in Canada.
The same tough formula as Spantex Latex Texture Tread without the ground rubber particles. Used for priming surfaces and providing greater protection, uniform colour and a smoother appearance when used as recommended as the final coat over Spantex Texture Coat in this three coat system.
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How to:
Surface Preparation:
- New Decks: Spantex Latex Coating is recommended for use on new decks constructed with sanded exterior grade plywood.
- Previously Finished Surfaces: Existing surface coatings such as Porch & Floor enamels and Latex Deck Coatings may be overcoated with Spantex Acrylic Latex if properly prepared. Refer to “How to Apply” Booklet for Detailed Directions, available at your Deck Coating Dealer.
Method of Application:
Number of Coats:
1 coat