Standard Colours
White (15-010), Osha Safety Green (15-104), Osha Safety Red (15-101), Osha Safety Blue (15-105), Osha Safety Orange (15-102), Black (15-106), and Osha Safety Yellow (15-103)
Colour Range
Light and medium ColorLife colours
Product Details:
Technical Description:
A high quality water reducible modified acrylic vehicle pigmented with Titanium dioxide or appropriate lead free coloured pigment.

Available Presentations:
1L, 3.7L, 18L
Theoretical Coverage:
26-35 m²/3.7L (280-375 ft²/3.7L)
Drying Times:
- To touch: 1 hour.
- To handle: 2 hours.
- To Overcoat: 4 hours minimum.
waterborne acrylic enamel
- For interior and exterior surfaces.
- Exceptionally durable.
- Self-prime.
- Superior adhesion.
- Made in Canada.
- In eggshell, semi-gloss or gloss.
A fast drying, tough, non yellowing finish suitable for architectural, institutional and industrial service including moderately corrosive environments. Has excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces including enamels, epoxies, aluminum, plastic laminates and clean galvanized metal.
Select the right finish:
Generally, paint coatings with higher gloss have better abrasion resistance, better washability, and better sealing properties than paint coatings with little or no gloss. Conversely, paint coatings with little or no gloss have a softer appearance and are more likely to hide surface imperfections on the substrate. When choosing the gloss of a paint system, the specifier must often balance aesthetics with serviceability

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How to:
Surface Preparation:
Surface must be dry, clean, free from dust, dirt, grease or wax.
- Plaster or drywall: Seal with one coat of 60-087 Superseal Interior Latex Sealer.
- New interior wood: Seal with 02-230 Primer/Sealer
- Exterior wood: Seal with 32-002 Oil Primer, or 60-002 Wood Primer.
- Repaint application: optimum adhesion is obtained when used without a primer. Additional primer is not required.
- Metal and other surfaces: Consult your GP Paint Pro.
Method of Application:
Use .013” - .017” tips for airless spray. Use same type of application tool for touch up.
Not normally required. May be thinned up to 10% with clean water.
Number of Coats:
One or two at recommended coverage.
Clean tools and equipment immediately with warm soapy water. Acetone may be required if coating has dried hard.